Professional Services

To support our engineering delivery and project team, Call Vision have now signed their first PRINCE2 qualified management and consultancy resource. Working from the Berkshire area, our purpose is to undertake complex project deliveries and troubleshoot any issues arising during planning, design, SAT or even post delivery..


Based on our experience in delivering integration solutions to contact center's and mission critical call areas where there is 'risk to life', we know that where there has been insufficient preparation, end user consultation or a lack of knowledge of the receiving platform, i.e. PBX; there is a danger that project objectives are not met.

We have found, whilst rolling out solutions to integrate systems, that it has been necessary to provide additional consultancy and project expertise to fulfill an order that was simply placed for an out of the box solution that had a the right preparation been completed, always needed an element of bespoke data translation work from our development department. In house professional services, a more complete service for the customer

Project/Risk Management


With any Call Vision project, a full project management package is now available. We can offer a high level plan designed to administrate key phases of a project or a complete, start to finish service.

This includes research, user consultation, planning and design, proof of concept, SAT/FAT's, deployment, training, go live and reviews. Call Vision accreditation gives direct and automatic access to all bench marking tools.

Public sector standard methodology, mission critical 999 experience, proven contact center skills


Communications Consultation


Very often, issues arise during a project delivery because operational, local resource and existing platform deficiency issues exist but are not taken into account. The appropriate resource can ensure that this does not occur.

Our communications consultant will take your project brief and work through the probable viability with you as a baseline to identify key systems and services that you require to meet your objectives and set budgets.

Evaluate and eliminate risk before exposing your project, maximise the benefits for your business

1st and 3rd party packages available

Call Vision professional services will be first and foremost working with our Ambulance, Police and Fire emergency service customers to meet ever demanding challenges. stricter budget controls and higher expectations

We do engage with commercial sector contact center projects if we can offer direct system or environmental experience. We also consider projects if there is a requirement for specific benchmarking tools

If you have a requirement for consultation or management, call or email us for a discussion