The Centricity engine is at the heart of our solution portfolio - all client side applications connect to it.

This ensures that the core of the requested solution has maximum resilience - tried and tested in the most demanding environments in the world

Working with a full data middle layer also ensures that we can work with and integrate to other business systems that you have.

This maximises your existing capital investment levels and delivers efficiency on your network to support your precise operational requirements

Latest peripheral research and development initiatives at CVT


  • Advanced data applications for Android
  • Adding Audio/Visual into Pilot, Distinction and Navigator
  • Capita SIS DSx virtual agent proof of concept lab for The Department of Health
  • Application optimisation for tablet based operations

Having worked hard at manufacturing a class leading communications platform, Call Vision are now looking at ways to improve efficiency in the business systems we use in order to help organisations work more effectively together, save time and reduce resource costs.


What do I need to manage my contact center?

  • Centricity, Center Manager and Status Board

What do I need to automatically initiate a major incident call out procedure?


  • ACC Initiator and Pilot

What do I need to integrate telephone control and my CRM solution?

  • Centricity with the correct vendor module
  • What do I need for a dynamic 'front of house' corporate display?

What do I need for a dynamic 'front of house' corporate display?

  • Centricity with Agent Contact Center Display fully rendered in 3D with 'camera' position control

The Call Vision Applications Portfolio is modular to be delivered to project specification


Centricity. Integrating core business systems PBX and CRM together into for a full, unified solution
ACC-Initiator. Full digital auto dialer working with our Supervisor console for major incident initiation

ACC-Reporter. Agent Contact Center Logging. PBX and Airwave - agent status, call reporting to your email

ACC-Pilot. Touch screen call taker terminal screen for call control, instant call back, replay, monitoring & call history
ACC-Display. Agent Contact Center Display . Shows agent status changes in 3D with call queue and skill set's.

ACC-Manager. Agent Contact Center Management. Match your resources to demand.for operational efficiency

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