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News update - November 2011..


Following a period of planning and engaging in the design of collaborative solutions for the Emergency Services with Capita SIS Ltd, Call Vision engage in the delivery of its Centricity based ACC products suite at the Capita SIS Ltd headquarters in Chippenham, Wiltshire.


The fully unified solution is now in the final phase of costing and design and is currently due for customer demonstrations and Proof of Concept for The Ambulance Re-procurement Program in February, 2011

In addition to the reporting suite and as a 2nd phase to the project, Call Vision will be providing a web based shared directory that both the DS3000 and the Call Vision ACD integration engine will jointly use. Based on this, the Call Vision/Capita SIS virtual DS Agent package will be proved on a compatible PBX for release into the emergency service markets. 'The virtualisation of the Call Vision ACD integration engine Centricity based on our common data layer supporting exciting and dynamic performance reporting tools is an exciting prospect for a joint customers in 2011' , says Keith Bryan, Director

November 2011


After a long period of Research & Development and customer liaison, Call Vision are ready to bring their new Agent Contact Centre Management solution to market. With a completely new data core, ACCM is web based and optimised for the wireless environment and portability supporting tablets as well as the mission critical desktop and plasma display.

Using advanced, graphical components, Call Vision are able to provide real time graphs overlaying different data streams, i.e. line charts showing simultaneous calls in progress against available agents in skill sets.

Call Vision - listening to customers and proven by customers delivering real cost reduction and efficiency


March 2011


Call Vision first deployed their Centricity solution to integrate the Nortel Avaya platform with the MIS-ES dispatch solution for a large national organisation nearly four years ago.

To enable outbound dialing directly from the dispatch incident screen, the Call Vision Nortel CC6 CTI module was ordered and delivered to pre-production with MIS-ES completing the Call Vision interface to the required compliancy standard With the project due for completion in April, 2011, another important customer benefit will be delivered to the desktop.

Call Vision enhancing 3rd party mission critical systems reducing operator time; increasing efficiency

February 2011


Following nearly five years of reliable performance for Ambulance emergency services in the UK where it has been processing in excess of 500million emergency data events every year, the Call Vision Centricity middleware was selected by Cisco to compliment its UCC Enterprise product.

Centricity was selected for its proven maturity, flexibility and scalability and after being submitted for testing on the newly approved, Cisco Blue Lamp solution at the Cisco laboratory in Galway, passed with flying colours..

The Call Vision integrated solution is now available for Cisco Contact Centre customers