Integrating technology to enable solutions

Call Vision Technologies have released three 3rd party API's (Application Programming Interfaces) both for general and selective release. They are designed to provide ease of integration to the telephony platform or PBX, Call Recording, Command & Control and radio systems for Dispatch, CRM, Mapping, Medical and Monitoring applications.


The API's are based around our Centricity middleware solution that became a national solution following The Bradley Report and subsequent Call Connect Ambulance legislation. It supports a number of PBX platforms, primarily deployed in Contact Center's in the UK and currently processes approximately 750million call data events in UK Ambulance contact centers alone.

Owing to Call Vision's expertise integrating with telephony systems using standard protocols, Call Vision have been able to document and release certificated API's for all their solutions to other 3rd party vendor's. We currently maintain development support for approximately 20 suppliers in the Emergency public sector alone including ICCS (Command & Control), CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), Call Recording and PTS (Patient Transport Services).

Call Connect API


This is the first and most basic API providing live call events from the telephone system, collect only over a TCP/IP connection. Centricity makes available call offered, call answered, call close events as well as transfer, conference and extension ringing events all matched together by a unique call ID. A simple interface that is a powerful step forward in the inbound or outbound Contact Centre.

The Call Connect API is compliant with Nortel CS1000/CC6/NCC, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Siemens and DSx as well as our own Distinction IP platform.

CC API is on general release free of charge to all 3rd party vendors registered with Call Vision Technologies.


Call Control API


Call Vision are able to release a 2nd level API that provides 3rd party vendors to exercise call control over a compatible telephone system, such as the Nortel CS1000. Call ID's are collected as with the call connect API but then secure commands can be returned based on extension's and agent's for answering inbound calls,(transferring, conferencing) and making outbound calls.

To achieve accreditation, Vendors do need to comply with testing and release procedures.

Working with the CC API is the fastest and most reliable method of bringing telephone based applications to the Contact Center market.

Call Recording Retrieve API

Bringing together call monitoring and telephone control is good but adding call recording retrieval and monitoring ensures a total desktop solution. Centralised audio file tagging supports 'single point of access' for existing solutions with little or no change to the desktop interface design. Available with all partner recording solutions

The CR API makes the most use of the existing recording system investment allowing 3rd party solutions to replay calls and monitor them in progress.

Total desktop convergence for contact Centers and back office deployments in the emergency, legal and financial sector's.