Delivering enabling technology to Contact Centre's

Call Vision Technologies are based in Central Southampton, Hampshire, UK with an engineering presence working from the Derby area serving the North of England. The company began in 2004 delivering bespoke voice and data solutions. In 2006, CVT won the tender from SunGardPS (now Capita SIS Ltd) to supply Call Logging to a national Ambulance project.

Working in partnership with some Ambulance Trusts, CVT released Centricity, our middleware solution preferred by the Department of Health for the national Call Connect project following the release of 'The Bradley Report'. After delivering the Centricity solution nationally to 11 regional Control Centers and 30 points of presence, Call Vision are now in the process of adding value to those investments with 'plug n play' applications based on our own API.

Owing to Call Vision's expertise integrating with telephony systems using standard protocols, Call Vision have been able to document and release certificated API's for all their solutions to 3rd party vendor's. We currently maintain development support for approximately 20 suppliers in the Emergency public sector alone including ICCS (Command & Control), CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), Call Recording and PTS (Patient Transport Services).


Current Call Vision Projects


Call Vision have been invited to support Capita SIS Ltd in setting up a permanent laboratory at their headquarters in Chippenham. We are committing to provide integration between the provided Contact Centre PBX and ICCS.

All of Call Vision's portfolio will be committed to the collaborative effort including Centricity integration engineer with virtual agent support, Pilot touch screen console and Agent Contact Centre portfolio.

This model will be used as a proof of concept for Ambulance organisation's achieving telephony integration and Management Information


Current joint Partner Projects


Call Vision are working with MIS-ES (CAD Vendors) to enhance their C3 offering in East Midlands and Scotland. MIS were the first CAD vendor to sign up to the Call Vision Centricity API and are now adding Call Control to their product.

This will allow a C3 dispatcher to immediately place a call back to a 999 patient caller from a simple click on the incident screen and place a call to a mobile unit assigned to an incident in the same way.

Working with other vendors to enable product and detoxify the desktop for operators in critical environments

Current professional Partnership

Following our history of working relationship with The Accord Partnership and its Senoir Technology consultant, Steve Desay; Call Vision are now working with Crucial Focus Consulting Ltd in their liaison and professional services delivery package.

CFC Ltd have a bespoke project management package to support the Call Vision/Capita SIS virtual agent, telephony integration, shared directoryand MI solutions.

Ensuring Technology supports evolving customer requirements